Who We Are...

Pastor Greg is an ordained minister with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He has been a marriage celebrant for more than 20 years, performing weddings in Australia (where he was born) and in America. He is married to the beautiful Jennie. They have 5 children (all married) and three grandchildren.

Greg has a profound respect for the importance of marriage and for what it represents (click on Why marry?) He is also a hopeless romantic who loves the whole occasion. His passion is to make every wedding an enjoyable experience and a great start to a marriage.

Jennie is the business brains of the family! But Jennie is also a wonderful helpmate to Pastor Greg. She participates in most introductory sessions with a couple and she helps to organize and lead the Marriage Enrichment Retreats. Jennie will help with the planning and the logistics of the wedding service. She is a great organizer. (every pastor needs one!)

Together, we will truly enjoy helping you craft a beautiful wedding and beginning to your marriage.